Nur 50 Meter bis zum Eingang des Europaparks
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Hotel am Park beim Europapark Rust am RheinHotel am Park beim Europapark Rust am RheinHotel am Park beim Europapark Rust am Rhein

Welcome to the Site of Hotel am Park in Rust

You arrive as a guest and go as a friend!

The Hotel am Park has a new owner since October 2014!

The hotel is currently closed! We are from the 3/27/2015 like to be back for you. Reservations and requests are processed daily course and answered.
We look forward to your booking!

Hotel am Park 50 Meter vom Europapark

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The hotel is placed right in front ot the main entrance of
the Europa-Park (about 50 m).

We do not charge any parking fees for your car.
You don`t have to wait at the box-offices. The tickets for the Europa-Park can be bought at our reception.

Come in an join us on a tour through or house.

Your are warmly invited.
Your MWG Hotel Rust GmbH

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